Festive Invites

December 25, 2014

I designed some quick little invites for my friend's Christmas Partay. She did a lovely job pulling the event together despite a last minute wet-weather emergency. I hardly took any photos throughout the night... guess I was enjoying myself too much! You can see the full story on Sam's blog here.

December came around so so quickly this year and the dinner party was a great chance to gather, celebrate and reflect on the year that has passed. We're looking forward to it becoming a yearly tradition.


Today is Christmas Day, and in true Sydney form, we are experiencing tropical summer rains (it happens every year without fail). I am still a festive shade of pink from yesterday's frolic up to Palm Beach (which is also up on Sam's blog), but I hope you all had a fun, cheerful, food-filled day with your loved ones. Feliz Navidad!

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