Lazy Mornings

March 29, 2015

After a bit of a long and unsettling week, it was so nice to be able to slow down today. 
The sky was cloudy and grey, rain was infrequent and only a fine mist, the sea- rough, but as mesmerising as ever. The light was that kind of overcast light that makes greens seem greener, eyes seem brighter and clouds look softer. No-one was in a rush. No-one had to be somewhere else. It didn't matter that we were too late to order off the breakfast menu. For a moment, we were able to just slow down and take it all in, without a worry in the world. 

Festive Invites

December 25, 2014

I designed some quick little invites for my friend's Christmas Partay. She did a lovely job pulling the event together despite a last minute wet-weather emergency. I hardly took any photos throughout the night... guess I was enjoying myself too much! You can see the full story on Sam's blog here.

December came around so so quickly this year and the dinner party was a great chance to gather, celebrate and reflect on the year that has passed. We're looking forward to it becoming a yearly tradition.


Today is Christmas Day, and in true Sydney form, we are experiencing tropical summer rains (it happens every year without fail). I am still a festive shade of pink from yesterday's frolic up to Palm Beach (which is also up on Sam's blog), but I hope you all had a fun, cheerful, food-filled day with your loved ones. Feliz Navidad!

Back to basics

December 23, 2014

Long overdue spring cleaning has commenced..
Starting with this little space here.

I have finally set aside some time to clean everything up, strip back to the basics & delete old posts that don't really reflect my style anymore. I have updated the layout (I pretty much caved and bought a template) and banished that trebucuchhcht font that I haven't been able to change for the last year due to some glitch. I have invested in a Macbook Pro (finallyyyy a laptop that is portable!!) and a new 35mm lens* *$$$$$$$ My savings account is badly bruised.

This past year I have been working as a designer, have attempted to maintain a basic level of fitness, taken little trips abroad & pinterested the shit out of everything (hellooo secret boards). Now that things have settled, and I have had time to adjust to working full-time, I need a personal creative outlet- some other form of creative side-thing. So I'm back here again- with camera in hand, eyes wide open & mouth ready to blab something inappropriate, but feeling refreshed, and excited nonetheless! Woo hoo.

Mini Monstera's

January 29, 2014

I bought these monstera leaves last time I was at the flower markets (about 6 stems for $9-$12). I love the dramatic silhouette of the leaves! They are finally starting to lose their colour, but have lasted an impressive 7 weeks.

These are a smaller version, but the bigger leaves look great too- both potted or cut.

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Hidden Nostalgia

January 23, 2014

I'm usually more of a photography-over-art kind of gal, but there is something really dark and mysterious and oddly nostalgic about these paintings. I think it reminds me of a combination of storybooks and fairytales from my childhood mixed with my long-held desire to explore a deserted moonlit island....

Hidden Skies

July 20, 2013

This gorgeous photo series by Thierry Cohen perfectly depicts what our night skies would look like if there was no atmospheric or light pollution. To create these images, Cohen took a photo of each city, then traveled across the same latitude to a desert, pointed the camera in the same direction and captured the wondrous celestial sky-(digitally montaging the images together). It is such a shame we can't peek through our bedroom curtains and see this spectacle every night.. because looking out into space is like looking out over an endless sea- it's calming, humbling and completely engulfs the chaos of everyday life.

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