Back to basics

December 23, 2014

Long overdue spring cleaning has commenced..
Starting with this little space here.

I have finally set aside some time to clean everything up, strip back to the basics & delete old posts that don't really reflect my style anymore. I have updated the layout (I pretty much caved and bought a template) and banished that trebucuchhcht font that I haven't been able to change for the last year due to some glitch. I have invested in a Macbook Pro (finallyyyy a laptop that is portable!!) and a new 35mm lens* *$$$$$$$ My savings account is badly bruised.

This past year I have been working as a designer, have attempted to maintain a basic level of fitness, taken little trips abroad & pinterested the shit out of everything (hellooo secret boards). Now that things have settled, and I have had time to adjust to working full-time, I need a personal creative outlet- some other form of creative side-thing. So I'm back here again- with camera in hand, eyes wide open & mouth ready to blab something inappropriate, but feeling refreshed, and excited nonetheless! Woo hoo.

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