New Loves

March 11, 2011

So many blogs, so little time (sigh). 
Unfortunately browsing through blogs is an all-too-easy, and highly addictive form of procrastination...not a good way to start the semester. Having said that, the amount of creative energy and inspiration that results keeps me motivated, sane and driven, so it somewhat balances out the time-wasting aspect. 
Here are some of my current favs (that I only discovered this week!) 

 Atelier Turner: The Blog
Such an amazing source of interior inspiration. Just like cake, I can never stop at one serving- I always find myself going back through the archive files, hungry for more!

Loving the neon skirt

An army of brunettes
A beautiful Celine bag... copping a cigarette burn.

  Team Peter Stigter

One of the best sites for Paris street style. I wish I had his camera..

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